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By Bedwetters for Bedwetters

By Bedwetters for Bedwetters

Adam Brown was raised by a single mother in Harlem N.Y. He was a very good child who didn't make his mother's hard life too much harder, but it was simply impossible to toilet train him for the night. Every other morning he woke up to the same mess, a soaking bed and stained sheet. It was very hard for Adam to face his helpless problem. He would wake up early, take off his wet sheet and hide it in the bottom of the laundry basket...

Adam grew older and so did his problem. His mother reached out to a pediatric urologist to see if there's an underlying disease that explains his bedwetting. The doctor affirmed that he will outgrow it and was only able to advise them to wait it out. The nurse at the clinic told Mrs. Brown that she can get at the local pet shop "Reusable Underpads" and it will make laundering much easier.

In the beginning, they worked amazingly and it seemed to be the solution for Adam's problem. After time, Adam started to get rashes on his back from laying in the urine and eventually the rashes turned into infections.

Underpads used to be a "Bed Protector" but nothing to protect the person laying on it. It had a polyester backing and a fabric facing so it would hold all the urine from leaking. But the person laying on it was simply sleeping in a pool of urine...

In addition, the pads started to fall apart and buying new ones every few weeks was very costly.

After time he grew it out and bedwetting was no more a topic in the house. However, the pickle of his childhood was always on his mind and he promised himself that he is going to change the world, invent something to relieve those in discomfort.

In college, Adam's life took an unexpected turn as he met two remarkable individuals who would become his close friends and partners in a mission to create the perfect eco-friendly bed pad. These friends, Teresa and David, shared unique experiences and expertise related to bedwetting and incontinence, sparking a shared passion for innovation in this area.

Teresa, hailing from Mississippi, was the daughter of a veterinarian. Growing up in a household where pets were a constant presence, she had a deep understanding of the needs of both animals and their owners. Her insights into pet care and the challenges of pet-related accidents provided a valuable perspective.

David, a bit older than Adam and Teresa, was juggling college life with the responsibility of caring for his bedridden grandmother. His firsthand experience in providing care for an elderly family member with incontinence gave him a profound understanding of the challenges faced by many caregivers and their loved ones.

As their lives intertwined, Adam, Teresa, and David discovered their common bond—their collective knowledge and personal experiences with bedwetting and incontinence. They recognized a pressing need for a bed pad that could cater to the specific needs of children dealing with bedwetting, elderly individuals coping with incontinence, and even pets in need of a comfortable and eco-friendly solution.

With a shared vision, they embarked on a mission to redesign and reimagine the traditional bed pad. Their determination and collaborative efforts led to the birth of Improvia, a purpose-driven company with real people at its core, running day-to-day operations. They understood the importance of always being available for customer questions or concerns, deeply empathizing with their needs.

Improvia's mission was clear: to make eco-friendly products that not only addressed the challenges of bedwetting and incontinence but also contributed positively to the environment. Their commitment to sustainability was a driving force behind their innovative designs, ensuring that their products were as gentle on the planet as they were effective in meeting their customers' needs.

Today, Improvia stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication, making a difference in the lives of children, the elderly, and even beloved pets around the world. Their genuine care for their customers and the environment continues to be at the heart of everything they do.




The hard work that went into bringing this pad to us the bedwetters is appreciated.


Inspiring! Improvia gets a thumbs up!👍
I am using this pad for 5 months, and it changed my life.
Adam is a hero, we should admire his great effort and achievements in making the world a better place for us all!


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